How to book

Through our site, we try to give you as much information as possible about La Parette, its environment, the lodging and how to book so that, if we have the pleasure to welcome you, your stay will always best meet your needs and expectations, without unpleasant surprises.

Despite our efforts, we may not have answered all your questions, do not hesitate to contact us , we will answer you very quickly.

Take a few minutes to give us your opinion on the new form of our site, your advice or remarks are welcome on this post. Thank you in advance !

Avoid the big intermediary sites of vacation rentals, why and how


The few rules of life at La Parette

  • La Parette is in a very quiet valley and we rely on our guests to respect the tranquility of the place.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the hill because, the pines and the undergrowth are all coniferous and with the drought of our region, the fire takes and spreads at a really frightening speed. We must be uncompromising on this point.
  • The Cottage and Annex are non-smoking by respect of our next guests but there are ashtrays on the terraces or at the pool if you wish.
  • Animals are not allowed in the Gîte and the Annexe; if our dog knows the rule, our cats are a little more rebellious and especially curious, do not hesitate to chase them!
  • Children are under the sole responsibility of their parents at the pool as everywhere else at Parque
  • The pool being fenced, remember to close the gate by going there or leaving for the safety of your children and to prevent our dog goes there to take a bath. At the pool, preferably use the unbreakable dishes that we provide to avoid the risk of injury to you or our next guests.
  • Apart from our personal terraces and outbuildings not available, the outsides of the Parette welcome you very willingly. However, avoid for safety, the pen occupied by llamas during your stay because, if they get scared, they can kick and that could hurt you.
  • The Parette is connected to a skeptic pit, throw in nothing but toilet paper, we put at your disposal small garbage cans for all the rest  

Rental agreement

Once you have confirmed your reservation, we will email you a contract summarizing the rental conditions. This contract must be returned within eight days at the latest,  by mail too if you can, accompanied by the transfer of a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the stay.

The balance of the stay is to be paid, always by transfer, one month before the date of your arrival. However, if your reservation is made less than one month before the start of the stay, the total amount will be requested upon booking.  

Terms of cancelation

Most of the hosts we welcome make their reservation a year in advance, sometimes more, therefore, an unforeseen event is always possible.

  • If you have to cancel more than one month before your arrival, only the down payment will have been paid and we will keep it until the possible rental of the period that you had reserved.
  • If you cancel less than one month before your arrival, the total amount of the stay will have been paid. In this case, we keep it until the possible rental of this period but refund immediately: the deposit, the departure cleaning fee and breakfast (short stays) if they have been reserved.
    Possible re-rental: As soon as you cancel your stay, we give the accommodation to rent and if all the period that you had to occupy is rented, we refund you the totality of the stay, if it is partially rented, we refund you to the prorata .
  • If you cancel during the stay, we keep the sums paid for the entire stay.  


If you have not already done so, inquire with your personal insurance company, because you must insure your rental risks and possibly the risk of cancellation of the stay.

Generally, your personal insurance policy covers travel and resorts. You should therefore benefit from a temporary extension of your guarantees outside your home and therefore in your vacation rental.

Some resort clauses even go as far as providing a “cancellation” guarantee which allows you to obtain, in certain cases, the refund of the stay or the down payment if you have to cancel your rental. Your insurance may also offer you this option. Also check your blue card, bank account … contracts often cover risks of everyday life.  

Security deposit

What does it cover? : loss or damage to furniture, linen, equipment or premises made available to our guests inside and outside the Cottage or Annex. Of course, it does not concern small daily accidents (broken plate for example) nor those related to the eventual obsolescence of the equipment or the breakdowns

We require a deposit of 300 € for the Cottage and 200 € for the Annex. It can be given by check on arrival if the issuing bank is domiciled in France. In the opposite case, it is asked in cash on arrival or by transfer when paying the balance of the stay.

It will be returned no later than 8 days after departure by returning the check or a transfer in other cases, less the sums necessary to cover any damage and justified by invoices or estimates.